Two Years back I had gone to the Hospital with severe stomach pain. I was diagnosed with tumor and was advised to undergo surgery. I called you for prayer and you prayed for the tumor to disappear. I did not feel any pain after that. This year I went to the doctor for review and to their surprise there was no sign of tumor in my stomach. I praise God for this marvelous miracle and we thank you for your prayers.



              Karthik Samuel




              Pastor David Victor



Praise the Lord

Dear Pastor,

First I would like to wish u and ur family members. i am here in London keeping good prospects and you know that Lord Jesus has done many miracles in my life especially in London. Its only by His grace I am here happily without any problems, even though there are some obstacles tie looks bleak and disappears with ur strong prayers that you do every month.

Dilemma whether to go back to London or not in my mind was cleared

 I came to India for vacation last year, due to some problems I left my job in London while coming to India. So when I again when I return I am jobless.  At this juncture I was in dilemma whether to go back to London or stay in India. Even my mother asked me to stay back here, but my desire was to go back again and I said the same to my mother. We both slept after praying. Same day pastor sent a message to my mobile .It was the verse from the bible “Don’t worry about yesterday, don’t worry about today or don’t worry about tomorrow because I am there before you” with lots of love prayers and “I will make all the croaked paths straight and I will show you the secret of darkness” Amen both the verses clearly states that I can go back again. I called Pastor immediately. He said it was the Lord Jesus who asked him to send it to me. So my dilemma was cleared and I started to London.

Got Job

After I reached London I started searching for a job.  Wherever I applied the result was failure. The funniest thing is the companies I apply don’t even call me for interview they simply reject my application. Days passed, week passed still I am jobless. I started to panic and called pastor for prayer. While praying the lord spoke through him “I will give u a job which is very near to you and this will be done before the end of this month. So again I got hope and trust and kept praying, and the last day of the month was on Monday, Sunday night arrived I was frustrated and said to Lord “ daddy still your testing me I have put my belief , hope and trust on u but till now nothing has happened, tomorrow is the last of the month “saying that I slept with  lot of frustration anxiety in  mind and heart. I didn’t even pray that night. It was around 3o clock early morning in deep sleep I felt somebody waking up me by shaking my hand. I was shocked and woke up ( THIS IS TRUE EXPERIENCE NOT ANY MAGIC OT ANYTHING ELSE) and something kept saying in my heart that “pray now” I did the same prayed with tears and I slept. Morning I was leaving to a place crystal palace for an interview, the place was from my living area. As I left one of my friend called me and said that there is a vacancy in affirm which was 5 minutes walk from my living area. I rushed back and I went to there to see a team leader whom my friend referred. I filled the application form and without any interview or any question they recruited me on the same day. Lord did what he promise d me; a job near to my living area, thousands of praise and thanks to Lord Jesus. And I thank Pastor David Victor who prays and still praying to Lord for betterment of our future. Thanks a lot to him, let the Lord Shower blessings abundantly on him and through him we can get blessings Amen.

                 My roommate was blessed with a Job

One of my room mate named Xavier was blessed with a Job by Lord through pastors’ prayer. Actually due to nonpayment of salary by his previous owner he quit his job. And I shared my experience to him and he was happy hearing this and asked pastor for prayers. I did the same and pastor prayed for him and the lord spoke “your petition is heard, now I will do a miracle for you” and on the third day after this prayer he got a job which is 5 minutes walking distance . He is very happy now and he wanted to include this miracle in this.  

                                                                                                                        Yours Loving sons

                                                                                                                        (Karthik Samuel)